Two Part Special Offer for January 2015

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Two Part Special Offer for January 2015

To welcome in the New Year with a good deal for diving – all diving activities booked with me during January 2015 will be charged at 2014 rates regardless of any changes I may make later, and this offer is valid for whatever month you book for the entire season! So there is another reason to have a happy New Year!


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SMB deployment

Last year PADI introduced surface marker deployment as a scuba skill into the updated Open Water Course. I personally feel that this is a skill that is crucial to diver safety. It is also what I would classify as a ‘difficult’ skill – it demands good buoyancy control, good co-ordination, and clear thinking to deploy a smb safely!

But what about all the divers who did their course some time ago? Don’t they need to learn this skill as well? Of course they do. Apart from when I go diving in Salang Bay, I wouldn’t get in the water without a smb. Most divers rely on the divemaster or instructor to do this for them. But what happens if the diver becomes separated from the group? After the separated diver has surfaced, how does the dive boat find them?

My personal opinion is that all divers should be equipped with this important piece of safety equipment on all dives, and that all divers should be taught how to use it by a qualified instructor.

So as my contribution to diver safety I will offer, and if it is wanted conduct a smb deployment workshop for all my 2015 customers, with the sole exception of Discover Scuba Diving or any sort of introduction to scuba diving that I might conduct – it simply would not be appropriate!

And if you don’t know what smb deployment is – you need to speak to me quickly!

Now – I can’t be fairer than that – can I?

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