The Swedish Gang

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The Swedish Gang arrived just as the Hong Kong group were about to leave, before Carin, Jason and myself could even get dry!

These guys are all doing a semester or two at one of the universities in Singapore. During the gorgeous weather we had, they did pause to think (and laugh) about their fellow Swedes who had to spend their semester enduring the rigours of a Scottish summer!

<img src="padi-open-water-course –the-swedish-gang-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI Open Water course, the Swedish Gang, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

My new T-shirt

During a gap in their lectures, they wisely thought this would be the perfect time and place to get their PADI Open Water certificates. When I explained that they were living on the edge of what is called ‘The Coral Triangle’ with abundant diving on their doorsteps, they were doubly committed to their course.
Carin and Jason, my divemaster trainees got busy issuing the guys their equipment while I dealt with the paperwork.
The girls , Emilie, Rebecca and Emilie were not as sure about the course as the boys, and only signed up for the Discover Scuba Diving program – an introduction to some of the skills and the experience of an Open Water Dive. They found the skills to be no problem, and after the dive at Salang Bay’s South Reef they were as enthusiastic as the guys. If one word could sum up The Swedish Gang it would be enthusiastic!
Next it was the guys turn to experience the underwater world for the first time. Isac, Johan and Tobias all looked comfortable and confident and very quickly worked out how to communicate the readings on their air supply gauges – a critical skill for a diver!
After this great start they all turned up bright and keen for the second day with their ‘home work’ all done. The academic side of the course was no problem at all for these undergraduates, and in fact they scored the best results in the quizzes and final exam that I have ever seen.

<img src="padi-open-water-course –the-swedish-gang-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI Open Water course, the Swedish Gang, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

The Swedish Gang

Carin and Jason worked tirelessly during the course, helping me to overcome any glitches and helping the students master their skills.

They learnt about diver control, how to anticipate and overcome problems and how to organise and oversee groups of divers both in and out of the water. Well done guys – you earned my sincere thanks for your input into a very busy ten days!

After the last open water dive and the final exam was marked we decided to have dinner together to celebrate their success. The guys at Salang Dreams restaurant, down by the beach, cooked us up one of the best barbecued diners I have ever had! The Sea Bream was superb!

Good luck with your future diving, and I hope to meet up with you all in the not too distant future!

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