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Samuel Yuen, Cindy, Carlie Yuen and Eve

Bang in the middle of August my Hong Kong Group of nine people arrived here in Salang! With them came my good friends Cindy Chia and Jon Grevich. Cindy and the leader of the Hong Kong Group, Samuel Yuen, were friends from their university days.

On the same day Carin Leong and Jason Lee arrived. They had taken my Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder package earlier in the year. To take their diving skills and knowledge up to the professional level, they had decided to enrol in the PADI Divemaster Course.

Even Jon’s Dad, Tom Grevich came along with his girlfriend Ya from Thailand. A truly international bunch! One of the great benefits of diving is that you meet people from around the world, in different walks of life, make friends with them and have fun!

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Jon Grevich with Sophie and Gillian Yuen

We all had a busy week ahead!

The plan for the group was for Terry, Tsz Him Yip and his mum Joyce, Chui Shan Cheung to take their Open Water Course with me, assisted of course by Carin and Jason.

Jon was to teach Samuel’s daughters, Sophie and Gillian Yuen their Advanced Open Water course.

Three of the group, Samuel, Tan Yip and Eve were here on Tioman Island for the fun dives, while Samuel’s wife, Carlie Yuen put her feet up and enjoyed the view.

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Grahame, Joyce and Terry

Carin literally saved the day with her command of the Hokien language – thank you Carin for saving my butt – while Jason started the week assisting Jon with the Advanced students.

Samuel and friends had a great time out on the boat. They were happy with the corals, marine life and underwater formations found in this area. We didn’t have great visibility that week, but he was gracious enough to grant that that was beyond any one’s control.

By the end of the week everyone had clocked up a good number of dives. Both groups of students successfully completed their courses, and Carin and Jason had made good progress with their climb up a rather steep and long learning curve. So congratulations all round!

Many thanks Samuel for hosting all those magnificent dinners, and we all hope to meet up again next year!

The Hong Kong Group


  1. I was regret my team and I were so late to visit this beautiful Tioman island. This is a paradise of scuba diving and snorkeling. It has a very healthy hard and soft coral as well as “unlimited” and “uncountable” fish. This is my first time to dive with Cindy and her husband- Jon, even I knew her more than 18 years. I was also glad to meet Jon’s father (Tom) and his girl friend- Ya in this time. We had fun in every meal.

    The Salang Jetty is incredible and I can’t imagine this is “too much” fish in the jetty. I was worrying my head would hit the fish……. (subject: Tioman Salang Jetty- two separate schools of fish. Amazing)

    Grahame (Gram) is a very experience diver and patient dive instructor in Salang, my friend Joyce and her son Terry enjoyed in this PADI open water course, they learnt a lot from Gram and they also appreciated of the assistance from Carin and Jason. My daughters Gillian and Sophie, the team and I had a very unforgettable memory and fun dive with Gram. He is AWESOME!!
    We will definitely come back very soon!!
    Again, thanks Gram and I missed the meal and drink with you.

    All the BEST,

  2. Many thanks for your kind Words Samuel! I will pass on your comments to my divemaster students Carin and Jason.

    I am delighted that such an experienced group of divers think so highly of the diving here. Salang Jetty has excelled itself this year and is absolutely bursting with marine life!

    My best wishes go to you, your family and your friends.

    I sincerely hope you do come back next year – now that would be AWESOME!!

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