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The Best of 2016 Gallery

The best of 2016 gallery contains my first photos using interchangeable lenses underwater.

During the previous monsoon I bought myself a couple of new Olympus lenses – the 60 mm macro and the 9-18 mm wide angle telephoto. I matched the wide angle lenses with the most affordable port I could find and the macro fits nicely into the standard port I bought along with the OMD 5 last year.

I was very pleased with the results from both lenses. The clarity, sharpness and detail from both were a delight.

The wide angle lens was easy to use and behaved much like my add on wet lenses that I have used in the past. I was however able to get closer because of the wider field of view and thereby reduce the amount of water between the subject and the camera. The zoom function meant that I could be a little more particular about composition and go for shots that I might not have bothered with had I not had the option.

The main draw back with wide angle work I had this year was caused by my lack of twin strobes. I flooded one last year so I was back to only one source of additional light. The result was that I couldn’t light the entire frame as I wanted to, but there was no way the budget would allow me to replace my lost strobe this year. I hope to able to rectify this issue before the 2017 season begins.

The real surprise for me was the macro lens. The first time I used it was under the jetty last February and the conditions were challenging. Not only did we have poor visibility there was also and fair amount of surge. Coupled with the lens’s focusing action it felt like the visual equivalent of riding a bucking bronco!

When the macro lens is looking for focus it zooms in and out like crazy. Add this effect was multiplied by the surge so I hope you can imagine how it all looked on my monitor! While I have seen some amazing results with it on the web, it will take some time to master this one and get it down pat.

However, I always felt the the focal length would make this an ideal fish portrait tool and by the end of the year I was very pleased by the results I was getting.

I hope you have enjoyed the best of 2016 gallery and I look forward to publishing the best of 2017!