Phil & Family – UK July 2018

PADI – Open Water Course

We took our PADI open water course with Graham this summer and absolutely loved it. We were a family with a range of ages & therefore both experience and teaching needs – but Graham’s assures tuition enabled us to all get a huge amount from the week. We did the course in our own time with clear and focused instruction from Graham which meant we all gained huge confidence in the skills we were learning. Graham’s experience of both the subject matter & the island made this an unforgettable family holiday whilst learning great new skills and seeing some amazing corals, fish and other aquatic life. Thank you – fully recommend Graham to others wanting to learn Scuba for the first time.

By Lukas  July 2018

Best dive instructor in Tioman!

I did my Open Water  and Refresher Courses with Grahame in Tioman and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. Working on the island for more than 10 years he simply knows everything about the dive sites and you can absolutely feel his passion for diving and the underwater world. Great dive instructor that will make you feel safe and in good hands. Organized everything for me starting from the ferry to accommodation and beers for dinner!Being an independent PADI Dive Instructor even the pricing is better than most dive shops on the island. I would return any time to do another dive or course with him. Absolutely recommended.(Sorry no photo of Lucas – they were all out of focus! GM)

By Ben N July 2018

Open water course

I am hugely satisfied with the experience that Grahame provided throughout my Open Water Diving course. He is an expert in his field and immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in the water. The course was well structured and Grahame adapted his teaching methods in a way that suited me. This enabled me to learn numerous skills quickly and with ease. His enthusiasm for the sport is captivating and and knowledge of the area unrivalled. I would highly recommend Grahame to anyone considering doing their Open Water Course on Tioman. Thank you Grahame!

By Jenny on Instagram June 2018
He was a kind and nice person.  Easy to comminicare with, unfailing good humour, and patient when showing us basic diving skills.  He has boundless optimism and we got the privelage to see the beauty of the underwater world.

 By Alex L Mar 2018
I went to Grahame for the Open Water Diver course and i didn’t regret my decision for a second. He is a brilliant diver and a great teacher. He gives you all the time you need for learning and practicing the skills. All his experience goes into the course so you always feel well instructed and safe. I’d dive with him again anytime. Thank you for the great course, Grahame!

 Lorcan Healey – July 17

“Brilliant Open Water Course”

On my recent trip to Tioman Island I completed my open water course with Scuba Guru. The level of instruction I got got was top class. Grahame is extremely accommodating to your needs and instructs in a nice relaxed and safe way. I emailed many places looking for information and while many replied with a standard generic email Grahame went to the effort to answer all my questions and even met us off the boat when we landed to show us around and take us to our accommodation, which he had helped arrange. When I started the course Grahame went through everything carefully and made sure I understood what was expected of me. Under the water he was very clear and patient as we went through all the skills. I would recommend getting in touch with Graham if you are considering diving on Tioman Island.

 Bryan Yap – May 16 – May 17

“He changed my life….!”

Well… It is about time i write this long overdue review… haha..

It was in May 2016 when I met Grahame. It has always been my want-to-do thing about diving and so my lovely wife went and got me a diving course. She found Grahame online and asked me if I am good to go. After reading the reviews about Grahame, I decided that this is a good choice to learn my diving….

Fast-Forward to 2017.. I finished my Dive Master course with Grahame in May 2017.

And in August, I have completed my IDC and now am a PADI diving instructor, following on in the footsteps of my mentor – Grahame.

I guess this is as good a review as it gets.

I would not thought about changing my choice of an instructor even if given another chance to go back to May 2016. And I would not have done the change in my life if it had been another instructor that taught me from day 1.

I don’t think i have to say much more as the other reviews had said how good he is.

I just want to say a very big THANK YOU!

Emir Hadikadunic – June 2017

Great diving experience with Scuba Guru

Learned by the book and beyond, felt safe all the time, enjoyed diving with Scuba Guru… Would recommend to anybody seeking experience and professionalism in scuba diving. At the same time, Salang (Tioman) is a great place with lovely people and best food.

Patrick Tan Tee Yong – June 2017

“He got my parents to dive!”

We’re a family of 5 pursuing our diving license and he made the almost impossible possible! Grahame had amazing patience and professionalism throughout our course, especially for my parents who are hitting their 50s. We were originally only doing our open water course but after 4 days of great learning from Grahame, we decided to extend a few more days to do the advance course as well. Even my mum who has no swimming experience was confident in Grahame and finished her course with us! (i think that says it all)

Ankit Narchal – July 2017

Thank you Grahame, couldnt have asked for more 🙂

Grahame, thank you so much for being patient with beginners like us and sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I never imagined I could do Scuba diving especially when I struggle with swimming  You made the training fun and enjoyable. I really appreciate your emphasis on safety and attention to detail.

I am extremely happy with my choice. Grahame is a very knowledgeable, professional, hardworking instructor. I hope to use his services during my next visit to Tioman.

I have never encountered more patient, friendly instructor in my life. I had so much fun during the checkout dives.

Sabelette – June 2017

“Great teacher”

Really great personne and excellent professeur I did my open water with him and didn’t speak very good English he was very patient and understanding with me!! I recommend him highly many thanks Grahame

Anna and Max – June 2017

“Another great diving experience”

This was my second dive course I took with Grahame, and again it was absolutely worth it! Not only did he help my boyfriend and me with the ferry schedules and accommodation, he also built the whole course flexibly around our skills and time schedule. Thus, we were able to complete one Open Water and two Advanced Open Water courses within 5 days. He is a very experienced dive instructor who cares for the safety and comfortability of his clients. I can only recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and fun diving experience!

Maria and Evgeny – March 2017

“Thank you so much for a good diving in Tioman!”

Grahame explains everything perfectly. We liked to dive with Grahame. Without hurry and with pleasure! I recommend to everyone! Maria and Evgeny.

Alex – May 2017
“Top notch”
Grahame gets good reviews here for good reason. Huge amount of diving experience and local knowledge, and proved very helpful with practicalities as well – providing advice on travel to Salang, and accommodation once there. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Neel Ganatra – April 2017

“Master your diving skills with the Scuba Guru himself!”

Mr. Grahame is an institution by himself. His years of experience and vast array of knowledge is highly commendable. My friends and I completed the open water diver course with the Scuba Guru. His motivating and can-do attitude propelled us through the course. Just by following his discipline and tips throughout the course, develops you into a confident diver.

Emilia – April 2017

First of all, congratulations on Scuba Guru Grahame. Great work! Grahame and I used to work together, he was of course my senior. While working with him he was always generous with help, tips and being great team player. Now that he owns his own brand of Scuba Guru, I can see the reflection of all the credibility in his services. I am a PADI instructor and haven’t dive for almost 2 years. Living in Melbourne and itching to have a good dive with a good buddy in tropical water, I contacted Grahame in Salang. Salang of course by far the best beach dive you can get in Tioman. Grahame is very prompt in his reply when I told him I’m coming and keep checking on me for all my bookings. The sort of thing you do for friend to me, but he extend that to all his clients. It’s just him, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and most of all – FUN! I can’t thank you enough for a memorable turtle saving moment earlier this month Grahame. Gutted we didn’t have the camera. I will just have to come back and do more dives with you. The good old time eh 😊 Go dive with Scuba Guru!

Debadri – April 2017

“Above and beyond 👌🏽”

With decades of experience Scuba Guru has one of the best learning experiences one can offer. I came to take the Open Water Course with him and again I was back recently for the Advanced Water Course. I also came back few months ago and I absolutely love doing fundives with him. The best part of the whole experience other than wonderful learning experience is his personalised approach to all your questions and doubts. Starting from valuable information on travelling to the Tioman Islands, hotel booking, planning dives in your tight schedule, any sickness during your stay in the island, rest assured you will not be disappointed if you reach out to him. His solutions are always tailor made for you addressing every aspect of YOUR stay and the learning. For the absolute newbies, diving with him is like having a guardian angel with you all along. He will address everything, starting from your fear to any other concern you can possibly have as a first timer. He has had students who do not understand a single word of English as well. In my three diving trips to Tioman, I have always seen him stressing on safety first above anything and never complacent about it. Rest assured your safety is his first and foremost priority. During the dive he will take you to wonderful spots and show you around the sea like it’s his own house. If you are interested in photography, he can give you invaluable suggestions as he is an avid underwater photographer and it’s his hobby. He offers underwater photography courses as well. Grahame has written a course on underwater photography and as per PADI it is one of the finest course written. I am planning to take the course along with Rescue and EFR after I gain some more experience. Even after decades away from England, he still maintains his British humour and something I absolutely enjoy. My experiences in the island have always been wonderful, both under and above the water for having Scuba Guru around. I owe every bit of the profound joy of diving to this man. Being his student has made me a much more confident diver and as a person. I will keep coming back. Thank you Scuba Guru.

Seetha and Dineth – May 2017

“Just can’t get enough”

We are repeat students/customers of Scuba Guru and plan to make it a habit whenever we wish to further our diving skills. Grahame is a wonderful teacher. He is really patient and always assesses you well and is point blank frank. That’s why we returned to do our Advanced Open Water Course with him. I hadn’t dived in a year but he quickly reoriented me with the basics and soon I was having such a good time I didn’t want to stop. But the very best thing about Scuba Guru, and what makes him stand out, is the personalised touch. He is very accomodating and flexible, which is something that customers will need especially when they are trying out diving for the first time. And if all of that isn’t appealing enough, Tioman is really the MOST beautiful place to dive! It has great weather and beautiful corals and teeming underwater life! To top it all off Grahame is super environmentally conscious. No bottom touching when learning with him. Which means you can be a guilt free recreational diver!

Antoinette – March 2017

“Easy Breezy- Stress-Free Way To Learn for First Time Divers (OWD)”

Firstly, the Guru- Grahame is the fastest to respond among all other Diving companies we have checked and tried to enquire from.He is really accommodating, knowledgeable and a real mastery of his craft!It’s my first time to diving and of course, I’m nervous every single time I get into the water. Grahame made everything stress free by being very reassuring and encouraging.Like he’d say: IT’S THE PERSONAL TOUCH. Something that every single first timers would definitely need and appreciate.He’s shown us everything he could.  From NEMO’S house (he knows his address :P) to cuttlefish, to barracudas, to sharks and turtles and the rest of the marine life you could imagine!  We so enjoyed the JETTY dive, it’s my personal favourite.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a place to dive, it’s Salang, Tioman, and it has to be with Guru Grahame.He’d even recommend where to eat.  What to have for bbq’s and would be so willing to arrange your accommodation!


Yang, Shan, Jashen and Thaya – June 2016

 “Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable”

My 3 friends and I decided on getting our open water diving licenses from Grahame after reading the good reviews on TripAdvisor and we were not disappointed. Prior to our arrival, he was very helpful in providing information to ensure that our trip there was a smooth one and all our energy would be devoted to diving itself. We would definitely consider returning here to do our advance course in the future and highly recommend him to anyone who is planning on getting certified.

 Yolaine Dumesnil – October 2016

I contacted Grahame per email after finding the ferry timetable on his useful website, he responded immediately and helped us even to book accommodation when most of the resorts were fully booked. He even welcomed us on the island and showed us around! It was a great pleasure to dive with him and my friend completed his Advanced Open water within 2 days! We couldn’t get enough on diving in Salang, Tioman, it was just wonderful and we were blessed to have such a patient and knowledgeable instructor! I can only recommend him regardless of what your level or confidence in the water is. Thank you Grahame for the great time and for even been king enough to invite me for dinner when you knew I was staying alone on the last day! I really hope to come back and do my Rescue Diver Certification with you! Thumbs up!

 Hayley Arnst – September 2016

I have just completed my advanced open water PADI dive course with Grahame in Salang, Tioman. He was very helpful in the organisation of my trip to Tioman from providing ferry timetables to making accommodation bookings which was much appreciated. I completed the course in 2 days, 1 on 1 and had the most enjoyable time. Grahame is very knowledgeable, experienced and a great teacher. He was able to customise aspects of the course to help me improve certain skills and made sure I had fun doing it. I feel diving with Grahame has greatly increased my confidence with diving and I cannot not recommend him highly enough as an instructor.

Natalia Mokrzelva – September 2016

“Keep calm and dive with Scuba Guru!”

Grahame (Scuba Guru) is a great instructor, very experienced and efficient. His instructions were always clear and understandable. I did not have any difficulties understanding them despite the fact that my English is far from perfect. We did not have much time but thanks to Grahame, his professionalism and personalized approach I have completed the course and now I am a certified diver! Grahame can help you organize your trip to Tioman, too.

I highly recommend Scuba Guru and Salang, Tioman as a diving spot. Thank you, Scuba Guru, I am happy you guided me through my first diving experience and I hope I will continue the diving adventure with you.

 Heng May – August 2016

I chose scuba guru because of good reviews from TripAdvisor, thanks! My friend and I took our Advanced Open Water course with scuba guru. The response from scuba guru is quite efficient and very informative. You can always check for more information through his website. He helped us to get our accommodation booked at Kg Salang, Tioman Island. If you’re looking for a good diving instructor, you will be more than happy to have him as your instructor. He has been very patient to us. Thank you so much, Grahame! We really enjoyed our AOW course with you! Highly recommended, divers and dives-to-be!

 Viv Wiliams – August 2016
 Hi Graeme,
Had a great great time and you were the person who made it all possible!! Thanks heaps for your help. Your calm style with the kids really helped them make the next steps with ease post certification course. I don’t know why Tioman isn’t as famous as Komodo – the dives you shared with us were fantastic!
Viv and Tony

Debadri Mondial- July 2016

That’s right, that’s our Scuba Guru. One of the most amazing man I have come across. His way of teaching, his confidence, his experience are unparalleled.

Highly recommended to anybody who wants to do a course with him, beginner or experienced. As per PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), his Digital Photography Diver Distinctive Specialty Course is one of the best distinctive course ever written. The best thing about doing the course with him is about his personalised approach.

Alphonz Jan Frithz – May 2016

I went to have a course with Grahame on May 2016, at first, I went to take just Open Water Course. Gaining the good experience about diving and the way he share the knowledge to us, it is no brainer decision to take another course with him. So I did take the Advance Open Water course as well.

Few of the points worth mentioning
1. Grahame will help just anything you need and takes a good care of you. Literally anything! Information about the dive site, recommended accommodation, foods, your transport from your place to Tioman and many details. I could assure, that the recommendation is very very objective.

2. He will ensure, that the techniques that you did is right from the first time you learn it.

3. With his skill and experience, you will feel excited and fun under water.

Thanks Grahame.

Mariya Georgieva – April 2016

If you try the Open water diving course with Grahame, you will simply get addicted to scuba diving! Me and my partner did the course in April – perfect weather, warm waters, great conditions for learning to dive. In the beginning I was a bit uncertain how will I feel when scuba diving, but Grahame managed to introduce the amazing world of underwater in a way that I could enjoy every moment of the course. Grahame is really consistent when teaching skills and also has rich knowledge of the local waters. Another great thing was that as he is a freelancer so he gives special attention to each of his clients! He was easily adjusting the course flow according to mine and my partners’ needs, always taking consideration of our learning and making sure we are having great time underwater! Would love to come back to do more diving with Grahame!

Josephine Lee – April 2016

My friends and I made a poorly planned trip to Tioman Island in an attempt for a quick getaway. Grahame so kindly helped us out with accommodation and managed to squeeze me in for diving lessons. Despite not being able to spend as much time with my friends, I had one of the most amazing time of my life. Grahame took me around a couple dive sites to teach me a few fun tricks underwater besides the conventional exercises PADI requires a student to do. I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to have an instructor that personalises a course around you.
It’s been a great adventure and I’m looking forward to going back to Tioman again to pick up rescue diving. Thank you Grahame!

Jon Grevich – June 2015 

I had a large group of friends from Hong Kong to take on a dive holiday to Tioman and needed someone who could handle all the various needs of my group. Scuba Guru turned out to be a great choice. We had some who wanted to do courses, some who were certified and wanted to dive for fun, and some who just wanted to snorkel and relax. Gram was able to take care of everyone’s needs including sorting out their accommodations, return boat ticket, etc. My friend Samuel from the group usually visits another island when in Malaysia, but after the great time he and the others had on Tioman with Gram, he said he wants to return to Tioman next time and dive with Gram again. The big group dinners by the beach with beer and wine (duty free!) we’re also very memorable. Hopefully I can round up the group and bring them back to Tioman soon Gram! Thanks for taking such good care of everyone! After having the undivided attention of one Scuba Guru seeing to every detail it will be difficult to ever settle for a big crowded dive shop where no one person seems to be held responsible. Thanks Gram!

Dineth Jay – February 2016 

I think the best part about learning diving with Scuba Guru, is the personalised touch.

Even before we reached Salang, Grahame had established good rapport with us. Tailoring his emails to address our concerns.
He helped us book a place, his blog was super helpful in this regard. And he met us at the Jetty in Salang and showed us to our hotel.

Diving was no different. He assessed our learning needs and although there were 4 of us he made sure that each of us felt comfortable.

I have to say, the conditions that we learnt in weren’t the most ideal and I am unsure if that frustrated Grahame or maybe it was just the fact we were all panicking at different times.
But although he seemed annoyed every time we surfaced, he was always cheerful the minute we stepped back on land ;). He made sure that we didn’t repeat our mistakes on consequent dives though.

All in all, it feels like I made a friend, someone I can refer to if I have doubts about my future in diving, and that is something you don’t get in generic dive schools.

Looking forward to doing my advanced course with him.


Elayne Kenny and David – Mid October 2015 

Me and my boyfriend learned to dive with Grahame on Tioman Island in October 2015. It was fantastic. I wouldn’t be a qualified diver with 7 dives under my belt(and dying to do more!) if it wasn’t for Grahame. I got off to a rocky start, even though I’m a swim instructor and confident in the water, the depth and the feeling of not being able to surface immediately started to make me panicky. I told Grahame it wasn’t for me and that I was dropping out. Grahame was just so supportive, he knew I really wanted to do it so he gave me more time and helped me to relax and enjoy the experience. He was just wonderful and so personal in his teaching methods. You won’t get any dive centre on Tioman who cares so much about their students. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Also the diving on Tioman is amazing, we saw so many shoals of fish and the coral is beautiful. Scuba Guru all the way.


Emma Shearman – Late September 2015 

We were a group of 5 exchange students wanting to get our open water certificate. With English not being our first language, Scuba Guru appealed to us as we could ensure we would understand every aspect. However Grahame went above and beyond our expectations to provided us with not only the Padi certificate but a incredibly personalised laughable, breathtaking dives and experience. His knowledge, teaching and safety is above and beyond. He ensure you leave feeling comfortable with all drills and under the water. With members getting an unfortunate bout of food poising Grahame altered our diving schedule to ensure that we all had a good time and left with our certificate. Having a small group allowed us to work at our speed, with most being sporty and confident our final open water dives were truly magical. Grahame knows the ins and outs of Merssing and Tioman, and will also help arrange accommodation and transport as we were traveling from Singapore. We highly recommend Grahame, he is a great character and instructor.

Tobias Andersson – Late August early September 2015 

An amazing experience! To me it was the first time scuba diving, super fun, nice people, and a calm and nice area with a few good resturants and some liqour shops for the thirsy ones… and last but not least: an awesome under water experience. Exceeded my expectations by far. The Scuba-guru was pedagogic but still fun! We had to watch a few movies for our PADI licens, not that fun but a faster way to learning than reading a book.

Edvard Viberg – August 2015:

As a group of young students from Europe wanted to take our PADI Open Water certificate, we wanted it all to be smooth, safe, and under control!
The Scuba Gura, aka Grahame, took great care of us!
He helped us with accommodation, and also booked it for us, met us when we arrived with the ferry, and was personal with us during our days in Salang, Tioman!

The course was excellent, and I had a great experience of the Tioman Island, of the amazing views as a diver, and also the joy to come back home with a certificate in my hand. Grahame made sure all of us felt secure, happy and enjoyable throughout our stay!

He has great stories to tell about diving, and has good contacts with the local people at Salang, Tioman, and he also joined us for the amazing BBQ-dinners on the island.

I can truly recommend Scuba Guru for your fun dives or your certificates! With his personal touch and experience its gonna be a great memory for me!

Maria A Laborde Algarin – August 2015:
“With over 60 dives, you can say I’m an experienced diver, and I’ve dived around the world.   So I can tell you, there’s something unique about getting your PADI certification with an independent instructor.  From the very first email to the last exercise, Grahame provided no-nonsense, personalized advice and expertise.

My PADI Rescue Diver Course in Tioman was unforgettable.  He helped me push past my limits safely, while offering some tips that were not even included in PADI manuals.  We did the exercises as many times as we had to in order for me to watch and also execute.  Highly recommend getting certified with Grahame!  Especially with the STUNNING dive in his “backyard” at Salang jetty.”

Tane Piper May 2015:
“When I arrived on Tioman I had no open water experience and had never been deeper than 3m in a pool on a try-dive. But over the course of 5 days Grahame gave me the skills and confidence to go from zero to 30 meters, do a night dive and even see a wreck. It also gave me the passion to continue diving in the UK and beyond. Thank you again Grahame and hope to dive with you again one day!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my course with Grahame. In my opinion Salang was the best place in the WORLD to do my Open Water diver course as it is so warm, clear and filled with tropical fish and other sea-life. During my course we saw turtles, cuttlefish, the most amazing coral reef, thousands and thousands of tropical fish and so much more. I can’t explain how beautiful it all is.

Grahame was an incredible instructor and although I am fairly confident in the water his knowledge and skill constantly kept me at ease. Thanks Grahame, see you soon!”

Emily Wu April 2015:

On a long weekend, I travelled to the island paradise of Tioman, and got PADI Open Water certified!  And it was totally awe inspiring and wonderful.

I chose Salang, famous for its incredible diving. The water is clear enough to see all the fish under the jetty.

Our instructor was Grahame Massicks, who has been instructing for years.  The best part about Grahame is he focuses more on hands on teaching vs. tedious quizzes and tests that PADI emphasises.

We started off assembling the scuba gear and then finally got into the water! Our first day was filled with confined water dives.  Breathing through scuba is a truly bizarre sensation, but by the second dive I was totally utterly in love!

The best part about getting certified in Salang is that there is no pool for the closed water dives, so you just do them off the beach. It’s basically like getting all open water dives because you get to see fish and all sorts of wonderful things on every dive!

On the second day the most fun thing was getting to swim underneath the jetty which is filled with these huge schools of fish!

Scuba is total absolute wish fulfilment – being able to breathe underwater. It is the most surreal and serene experience.

The third day we did our final two open water dives, but this time from a boat, which is super fun! I love rolling off the back, it is highly entertaining.

I loved getting PADI certified with Grahame and if you ever have a chance, I definitely recommended it.

John Cox- March 2015:
“I was greeted by my dive Instructor Grahame Massicks at the end of Salang jetty – what a fabulous setting!

Grahame had arranged everything I would need on Tioman from reasonably priced but good accommodation to all the dive equipment I would need for the PADI Open Water Course.

Grahame is a very experienced diver and passes on his wealth of knowledge with great patience and understanding of your individual needs.

He had to be in my case – as I am his oldest student to date at the age of 68 and with zero dive experience.

Over the next 3-4 days I could feel my confidence building day by day.

This hard but rewarding and enjoyable course culminated in a boat dive where I saw Black Tipped Sharks and a turtle amongst many other beautiful tropical fishes.  (Rengis Island delivers again! SG)

At the end I proudly passed my PADI Open Water Course and cannot wait to return.

For students of any age I can’t recommend Grahame highly enough, but for us more adventurous “oldies” he’s the best.

Thank you Grahame.”

Derek Freal- February 2015:
“I had wanted to learn to scuba dive for a long time and after hearing good things from a friend, I decided to add a trip to Salang on Tioman Island to my Malaysia travel itinerary.  Turned out to be the highlight of my Malaysia trip!  Not only is the village beautiful but there I met the Scuba Guru and took his one-on-one PADI certification class.  Being able to learn from an instructor on an individual basis, rather than as part of some group class, is – in my opinion – the best way to learn to scuba.

Since I was in Salang for a week, we spaced our dives out over several days and took things slow. .Grahame was very knowledgeable and his experience shows.  It also gives you confidence, and that makes the learning experience easier and more fun.

I had such a good time with Grahame that we would often meet up for meals at one of the Salang restaurants and just chatted about everything scuba, to travel, to life in general.  He is a great guy and very easy to connect with.  I could not have had a better scuba instructor!”