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The Soyak Island Gallery above is just a taste of the delights to be found there.

Soyak island is one of the best sites in our area. Lying a few hundred meters from the coast of Tioman Island, Malaysia, it gives occasional sightings of black tip reef sharks, but is a great place to find groupers, turtles and nudibranchs. For those of you with anxiety about sharks, rest assured that humans are much too big to be prey to these wonderful creatures.

The island itself is surrounded by an extensive stag horn coral garden which spreads out over a considerable distance to the south and west. It contains a fantastic collection of marine creatures ranging in size from turtles down to shoals of antheas and Nudibranch. Oceanic barracuda are frequently found especially when the current is strong, and there is a resident shoal of batfish that are very curious about divers! There is also a good selection of clown and butterfly fish, and it is common to spot cuttlefish here.

One of the princes of Pahang set up an artificial reef to the south west of the island. He used u PVC pipe bound together with rope to create a variety of shapes on the beach and then had them moved into position. Over the years the ropes have degraded and the structures have largely collapsed. However they still provide a home for immature fish and there is some hard coral encrustation. The bat fish seem to like it there and you get frequent sittings of cuttlefish.

To the north of the island Marine Monkees dive shop have established a concrete block artificial reef. This has been formed into a wall like structure with plenty of gaps for things to hide in. The concrete is a good surface to give a mooring for corals and other marine life, so over the years we can look forward to flourishing growth there.

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