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Salang Bay Wreck is situated in the north of the bay about 100 meters off shore. There are basically two distinct dive areas in this area – the wreck and the reef.

<img src="padi-diving-salang-bay-wreck-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI diving,Salang Bay Wreck, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Rudder and propeller, Salang Bay Wreck, Tioman Island

The wreck was a confiscated illegal fishing vessel that was sunk deliberately to provide a dive site and conservation feature. Located on a sandy bottom about twenty meters from the reef it formed an artificial reef and became home to a huge variety of marine life. Being made of wood it has largely disintegrated but the outline and internal structure can still be seen, as can all the metal components. The engine, exhaust pipe, rudder and propeller are still there along with some of the machinery needed to equip a fishing vessel.

It rests upright between 19 to 23 meters at the keel and rises 3 or 4 meters above that to where the wheel house used to be. When you dive over the wreck you can see the for’d holds, now filled with stone to help to sink her, with the engine, exhaust and prop shaft visible where the wheel house used to be. The mast lies on the sand port side, along with much of the rigging.

The wreck is well encrusted with a variety of marine life and the fish life is dense. There are resident schools of snappers and yellow fined barracuda. It provides good shelter for a variety of immature species and these in turn attract the larger predators, mainly jacks and barracuda. Crustaceans, nudibranch and cuttlefish can normally be found, while batfish patrol the outer fringes.

<img src="padi-diving-salang-bay-wreck-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI diving,Salang Bay Wreck, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Golden eyed puffer fish on the sand, Tioman Island, Malaysia

During the swim across the sand from reef to wreck there are always a good variety of sand gobbies with their attendant house cleaning shrimp. ‘Home’ for these guys is easily found by following the tracks left by the shrimp. Depending on season, this area is also populated by small black ringed rays and ‘puppy eyed’ puffers.

Lots of divers consider shore diving to be inferior to boat diving, but this dive is proof enough to me that they are not always correct. In fact, the shore diving in Salang Bay is so good that I offer a specially priced three dive day. Details can be found on the Current Prices page under the heading of Fun Dives.

During 2016 the sea has washed away some of the sand from the lower parts of the beach. This has uncovered some of the rocks below and has made the beach more difficult to cross in bare feet. So I strongly advise participants to bring a pair of flip flops to wear into the water until we are up to our chests. You can then float, take of your flip flops and put on your fins.

Salang Bay Wreck is a great dive for fun, photographers and Advanced Open Water students.

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