In Outlying Dive Sites of Tioman Island by Grahame Massicks

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<img src="padi-diving-labas-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI diving, Labas, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Nudibranch on hard coral, Labas, Tioman Island.

Labas Island is to the east of Sepoi and is a fantastic dive site.

There is a sandy bottom to the bay on the north side of the island where we usually descend, either close to a buoy line or a free decent to about 14 meters. This shallow area is good for finding blue spotted rays, batfish and the nudibranch called Chelidonura.

Boulders are scattered about on a sandy bed, and lead south to the island and east to a point. It is here that a huge number of swim throughs can be found, ranging in size from large to awkwardly small. If you enjoy a challenge for your buoyancy skills and the sensation of exploring the unknown then this is a top site for you. These swim throughs are known to some as ‘The Swiss Cheese’.

As we approach the entrance to the swim throughs there is a good variety of clownfish, some groupers and coral cod. For those who do not enjoy swim throughs it is quite easy to follow the rising bubbles and swim round to rejoin the group at the exit.

The coral cover is patchy on some boulders but dense on others with a good mix of hard and soft. There are some huge barrel sponges and plenty of gorgonian fans.

There are granite walls covered in dense soft corals and in among then can be found a variety of colourfull nudibranchs.

<img src="padi-diving-labas-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI diving, Labas, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Two divers catching Nemo, at Labas, Tioman.

All around the swim through area you are likely to see schools of snappers, puffer fish, yellow fined barracuda and the occasional moray ell.

However, as we approach the north east point the current can rip past , particularly on the east side so this part of the dive can be fairly energetic!

As we make our way back into Labas bay and ascend for the safety stop we come to another area that is good for finding nudibranchs. This dive is great fun, and is a must for visiting photographers.
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