Tioman Island Fun Diving Sites

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Below is a site map of the fun diving sites around Tioman Island. You can access the full site descriptions by clicking on the dive site flags on the map, or by clicking on the dive site name on the right hand sidebar.

<img src="fun-diving-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="Fun Diving, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Nipah Village Japa Mala Resort Genting Bay Melina Beach Resort Paya Beach Tedau Batu Jahat Batu Sepoi Tokong Bahara SawadeeWrecks Renggis Island Tiger Reef Golden Reef Sepoi Island Labas Island Batu Malang North Point Magician Rock Fan Canyon One Tree Bay Kadoh Bay Chebeh Island South Chebeh Island North Soyak Island / Wreck Pirate Reef Marine Park Salang Wreck

The map shows quite clearly that Salang is the closest village to most of the islands dive sites. It also gives you an idea of the geographical spread of the sites, and the descriptions will tell you about the special charms of each site.

If you have a particular wish list you can see which sites are grouped together, and which sites naturally fall into a well-planned dive day.

When it comes to the weather and sea conditions, the skipper of the boat has the last say! I should also point out that I don’t have my own boat. I have to be flexible and considerate of the other divers and instructors on the boat when it comes to choosing dive sites.

However, if you come and do a few days of diving with me I can guarantee that you will see the best that Tioman has to offer, and that unless you are either very unlucky, of very particular you will enjoy yourself.

Normally when I am guiding I only guide my own customers, so we will be diving in a small group independently of the other people on the boat. Occasionally the dive facility will ask me to guide one of their customers, but group sizes never get larger than six people.

The very best way to make use of my services is to come as a group and arrange with me before you come to rent a boat exclusively for you and your dive buddies – that way we have total control of where we go, when we go there and just as importantly when we come back!

If you have any special request click on the ‘Book My Next Dive’ button, and let me make the arrangements for you.

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