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Emergency First Response – how it works

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The Emergency First Response course is an entry level first aid course designed not just for divers, but for everyone. Based on international medical protocols, this is your opportunity to learn how you can make a difference.

PADI specifies that before a Rescue Diver can be certified he must have successfully completed an entry level first aid course. This is the course that they have decided to train their instructors to teach. To me this requirement makes a great deal of sense. To make an effective rescue, you must know what to do with the victim!

It is my personal opinion that everyone should complete a course like this. I think it is a great idea for motorists, parents, teachers, youth leaders and sports instructors. In fact, anyone who has any level of responsibility for others should have the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in an emergency. To me it is part of ones civic duty – your duty of care to your community.



You will learn about primary and secondary care, which includes scene assessment, CPR, shock management, bandaging and more.


There is the option to run the course over two evenings, and there is the option to do the primary and secondary care courses in separate locations at separate times if your schedule demands it.

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All the required course materials, equipment, and certification fees are included in the price.

Emergency First Response Schedule

Duration: 1 day, start time to suit the individual or group
Number of dives: none
Standard Service Price: MYR 500.00
Premium Service Price: MYR 750.00

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