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Digital Photography Diver Distinctive Specialty Course – how it works

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Digital Photography Diver Poster.

I wrote the Digital Photography Diver Distinctive Specialty Course some years ago before PADI had a course for digital photography divers. When I wrote it I was a recently qualified Staff Instructor so I had a profound and current understanding of the PADI system of diver training, and I applied that method directly into my course.

Conway Bennet, a member of the PADI team that evaluated my course prior to allowing me teach it under the PADI system, said that it was “One of the best Distinctive Courses ever submitted”. I take great pleasure and pride in his evaluation, and use it with his express permission to promote my course.

I have been keen on photography since I was a teenager and it seemed natural to me to take a camera underwater when I became a diver. However, that was when the learning process began.

Having attended several courses on this topic in the previous years, I decided to write my own and to offer it to visitors to Salang Village on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

There are two principle differences between my course and PADI’s. Because I don’t find it easy, I cannot in good conscience tell my students that it is, whereas PADI claim in their course that it is. I also include a computer based workshop on how to enhance your images in Photoshop. I struggled for years to master this huge piece of software, until I met a professional photographer at one of the dive shows in Singapore who taught me how. This priceless knowledge is what I pass on to my students.

You need to be reasonably fit and healthy to undertake this PADI course, so please check out the medical form below. Make sure that you can answer ‘No’ to all the questions on the first page. If you need to answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, print out the form, and seek the advice of your doctor. If he declares you fit to dive, please get him or her to fill out the form and then bring it with you when you visit.

Medical Statement PDF


<img src="digital-photography-diver-tioman.jpg" alt="Digital Photography Diver, Tioman" />

Scuba Guru on a photo dive, Tioman Island.

You must be at least on Open Water Diver to enroll on this course. Indeed, it is not a bad idea to do this course before going on to complete the Advanced Open Water Course. The first dive of this course, what PADI calls an Adventure dive, can be credited to the Advanced Course. So if you do choose this option, you only have to make four more dives to attain the Advanced certification.

During 2016 the sea has washed away some of the sand from the lower parts of the beach. This has uncovered some of the rocks below and has made the beach more difficult to cross in bare feet. So I strongly advise participants to bring a pair of flip flops to wear into the water until we are up to our chests. You can then float, take of your flip flops and put on your fins.

Brand new for 2017 I am launching a Premium Service version of Scuba Guru’s dive offerings! The central idea is that those who select to use the Premium Service will have me exclusively during the course of their stay here in Salang. Whether for fun dives or diving courses I will take on no other customers than the Premium booking. Now that is truly unique to Scuba Guru! To find out more click the button below:

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All the required course materials, equipment, and certification fees are included in the price.

Digital Photography Diver Distinctive Specialty Course Schedule

Schedule: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, with a knowledge development session usually timed the evening before the dives, and the Photoshop workshop after.
Duration: 1 ½ days
Number of dives: 2 open water dives
Standard Service Price: RYM 850.00
Premium Service Price: RYM 1225.00


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