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The Best of 2014 Gallery

To be honest, the best of 2014 gallery is a bit small, and there were numerous factors that contributed to this.

I started the year working in Kuwait until June when I returned to Malaysia and took a well earned holiday catching up with family and fiends that I had missed.

The call of the island was too strong to resist for long so by August I found myself back in Salang on a more or less full time basis, but by then the season was already half done!

My principle aim when I got back was not to teach diving or to take underwater photos. My main aim was to improve my web site until it became a viable contributor to me making a living as an instructor.

Although it did generate some business and some inquiries I had been disappointed with the performance of it so far. I was incredibly lucky to meet a guy called Vaughan McShane who runs a travel blog called The Travel Manuel.

We met at a restaurant in Mersing. His wife Lauren was working for the Malaysian Education Department and my wife is a teacher here so that was our initial link. However, it soon came up that both of them had wanted to learn to dive for ages so that was easily settled, in theory at least.

Vaughan went on to tell me about his work as a travel blogger and web site developer, and that really set my bells ringing. There was definitely good chemistry at work between us, and I felt that if he took my web site on as a job he would give it a level of personal commitment that had been lacking in the guys I had worked with before.

My instincts were right and what you see now is the product of that partnership. However, this involved long hours for me behind my keyboard, so not much time for fun and photography!

Since as a reward for my long months of labour in the Middle East I had bought myself my first set of twin strobes I found this particularly frustrating, but even when you live on Fantasy Island the basic rules of economics still apply, so I still have to make a living!

Lets just hope I can turn out a little more for the Best of 2015 Gallery!!