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Christmas tree worms – South Bay, Salang shore dive

Salang, Tioman Island, is the best location for taking diving courses that I know of. I don’t know them all, but after more than twenty years of diving I can honestly say it is the best that I have seen. From introductory dives to the Dive Master course, and your many options in between, this bay is ideal! The gently sloping sandy bottom of South Bay, the critters and shoals of fish that live under the jetty, to the beautiful had coral gardens to the north, plus an old fishing boat wreck dive, this bay provides diving and learning to dive opportunities that are rarely matched. All are within a short walking distance of the dive shops and in water where the temperature rarely drops below 29 degrees Celsius!

<img src="salang-diving-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="Salang, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Blue dragon nudibranch under Salang jetty

During 2016 the sea has washed away some of the sand from the lower parts of the beach. This has uncovered some of the rocks below and has made the beach more difficult to cross in bare feet. So I strongly advise participants to bring a pair of flip flops to wear into the water until we are up to our chests. You can then float, take of your flip flops and put on your fins.

Salang is a small Malay village located on the north west coast of Tioman Island. It remains relatively under developed by the tourist industry. No road means no traffic. There is a good selection of accommodation and restaurants, giving value and choice. It is a great place to chill and the perfect place to either learn to dive or to develop your diving skills.

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Tom and Grahame feasting in Salang

Please remember that there is no ATM in Salang! However, credit cards are accepted by some of the businesses here – you can pay for your dive course with the more common cards – but you will be charged a 3% surcharge. Some of the outlets will give you a cash advance, and change currency, but when in Salang it is best to remember that cash is king!!

At weekends and public holidays, including school holidays, it can get busy and it is best to book your accommodation early if you plan to visit during these periods. Let me know in good time and I will see if I can help.

And at the end of the day we frequently have magical sunsets…

<img src="salang-diving-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="Salang, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Salang sunset