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Open Water and Advanced Diver – how the package works

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<img src="padi-open-water-and-advanced-diver-package-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI Open Water and Advanced Diver Package, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Jordan and Stephanie, great students who completed the package in 2014

If you are confident that you will enjoy diving, the Open Water and Advanced Diver is the package to go for. The benefits are many, and the value is outstanding!!

By doing these two courses back to back you will become a much more confident and comfortable diver. Not to mention that you get to see a lot more of our wonderful dive sites and amazing creatures.

Some Open Water students feel that they are not ready to tackle the Advanced Course. Subjectively, this may be true, but if you have successfully completed the Open Water course, and enjoyed it, then you are ready for the Advanced course! Since the Advanced Course is not as academic as the Open Water course, the dives actually feel closer to regular fun dives.

And don’t worry what other people might think. All diving professionals know that there is a difference between an Advanced diver with 9 dives in his log book, and one with 90 – the guy with more experience should have done his Rescue Course long ago!

During 2016 the sea has washed away some of the sand from the lower parts of the beach. This has uncovered some of the rocks below and has made the beach more difficult to cross in bare feet. So I strongly advise participants to bring a pair of flip flops to wear into the water until we are up to our chests. You can then float, take of your flip flops and put on your fins.

<img src="padi-open-water-and-advanced-diver-package-tioman-island-malaysia.jpg" alt="PADI Open Water and Advanced Diver Package, Tioman Island, Malaysia" />

Porcupine puffer fish in the blue, Tioman Island.

You do not even have to book this package to take advantage of this great offer. If you do your Open Water Diver course with me and then decide to go on and complete the Advanced Course concurrently, I will offer it at the same package price. For those who live locally, or plan to visit here twice, I will go so far as to say that as long as you complete both courses in the same season, you will get a significant discount!

You need to be reasonably fit and healthy to undertake these PADI courses, so please check out the medical form below. Make sure that you can answer ‘No’ to all the questions on the first page. If you need to answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, print out the form, and seek the advice of your doctor. If he declares you fit to dive, please get him or her to fill out the form and then bring it with you when you visit.

Medical Statement PDF  

Brand new for 2017 I am launching a Premium Service version of Scuba Guru’s dive offerings! The central idea is that those who select to use the Premium Service will have me exclusively during the course of their stay here in Salang. Whether for fun dives or diving courses I will take on no other customers than the Premium booking. Now that is truly unique to Scuba Guru! To find out more click the button below:

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All the required course materials, equipment, and certification fees are included in the price.

Open Water and Advanced Diver – Package Schedule

Schedule: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
Duration: 5 to 6 days
Number of dives: 9
Standard Service Price: MYR 2100.00
Premium Service Price: MYR 3050.00

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